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Raquel Benmergui: Visual Storytelling, Explainer videos, Graphic Facilitation/Recording, Sketchnotes, Arts-based facilitation, Visuaalinen tarinallistaminen, Selitys/Piirros videot, Graafinen fasilitointi, livekuvitus, visuaaliset muistiinpanot, taidelähtöinen fasilitointi

Raquel Benmergui is an art-based facilitator who merges applied drama, graphic facilitation and intercultural communication. Here you will find information about and a portfolio of Raquel Benmergui's graphic recordings. (VISUAL STORYTELLING, ARTS-BASED FACILITATION, GRAPHIC FACILITATION/RECORDING, SKETCHNOTES, TAIDELÄHTÖINEN FASILITOINTI, GRAAFINEN FASILITOINTI, LIVEKUVITUS, VISUAALISET MUISTIINPANOT)

My work has been noted by these amazing people, organisations, projects, and events:

Co-operating with Jari Koskinen (AlternativeFutures), we facilitated a session for 150 people--some of the staff of Lahti University of Applied Sciences on their Development Day. Below is a video they posted:

Watch the whole video below or forward it to 5:34-6:22 to see a clip of the drama-based workshop I was asked to facilitate at the International Project Management World Congress in Helsinki (2009). 
The energy and the insight was amazing. I am still getting wonderful feedback from that session--years later!

You can access two articles written mostly in Finnish by Pekka Korhonen about the same workshop in Projektitoiminta 1/2009 on pages 30-33 and Projektitoiminta 2/2009 on pages 20-23.

Unfortunately, the credit information is not displayed on tablets or smartphones. Please note that many of the photographs were kindly supplied by Pirita Tolvanen & Kristine Matilainen / Luova Suomi) The photos from the IPA Forum 2014 were taken and kindly supplied by Seppo Samuli (seppo@sepposamuli.com).

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