Raquel Benmergui

Raquel Benmergui: Arts-Based Facilitation, Graphic Facilitation, Taidelähtöinen fasilitointi, Graafinen fasilitointi

Raquel Benmergui is an art-based facilitator who merges applied drama, graphic facilitation and intercultural communication. Here you will find information about and a portfolio of Raquel Benmergui's graphic recordings. (Graafinen fasilitointi, visualisointi, live-kuvitus, tapahtumadokumentointi, taidelähtöinen fasilitointi)

Unfortunately, the credit information is not displayed on tablets or smartphones. Please note that many of the photographs were kindly supplied by Pirita Tolvanen & Kristine Matilainen / Luova Suomi) The photos from the IPA Forum 2014 were taken and kindly supplied by Seppo Samuli (seppo@sepposamuli.com).

Creative Commons License
Graphic Facilitation/Recording by Raquel Benmergui is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.