Raquel Benmergui

Raquel Benmergui: Visual Storytelling, Explainer videos, Graphic Facilitation/Recording, Sketchnotes, Arts-based facilitation, Visuaalinen tarinallistaminen, Selitys/Piirros videot, Graafinen fasilitointi, livekuvitus, visuaaliset muistiinpanot, taidelähtöinen fasilitointi

Raquel Benmergui is an art-based facilitator who merges applied drama, graphic facilitation and intercultural communication. Here you will find information about and a portfolio of Raquel Benmergui's graphic recordings. (VISUAL STORYTELLING, ARTS-BASED FACILITATION, GRAPHIC FACILITATION/RECORDING, SKETCHNOTES, TAIDELÄHTÖINEN FASILITOINTI, GRAAFINEN FASILITOINTI, LIVEKUVITUS, VISUAALISET MUISTIINPANOT)

Most of the work I do is using graphic facilitation in organisations and this work cannot be publicly displayed.
However, I have graphically facilitated/recorded or given participatory workshops at the following open events, conferences and seminars:

CGI HR-Seminar Tampere Talo, Tampere (September 2015)
SIETAR EUROPA Congress, Valencia (May 2015)
REFLEXIVITY: Arts-based methods in organizations (University of Chester, RECAP & Tate Liverpool, March 2015)
Helsingin rehtori- ja johtajapäivät, Helsingin Kaupunki (Porvoo, November 2014)Nordic Business Forum 2014, TEKES (Helsinki, October 2014)
One BSR Seminar (Helsinki, September 2014) 
Baltic Sea Region IPA Forum, (Helsinki, June 2014)
SUKOL talvipäivät/Winter seminar (Kauniainen February 2014)
JOHDE-seminar (Helsinki February 2014))
Creativity World Forum presents Ice Live 2014, Luova Suomi (Tampere January 2014)
Arvokas työelämä-juhlaseminaari/Valuable Work Life seminar (Helsinki October 2013)
Intercultural vs. Multicultural Education (Helsinki August 2013)
PIN-C 2013 - The 3rd Participatory Innovation Conference (Lahti June 2013),
FIS Steps Seminar (Tampere May 2013),
Rekry-Amare International Seminar (Lahti 2012),
International Conference of Applied Theatre (Estonia 2012), 
National Language Centre Days (Tampere, 2011),
Apply Art/ Sovellataidetta (Helsinki 2011), 
Northern Association of Intercultural Communication Conference (Tre 2005)

I have presented my own arts-based research at the following conferences:

European Conference on Educational Research (Helsinki 2010), 
Innovative Methods in Multicultural Education Conference (Estonia 2010), 
International Project Management World Conference (Helsinki 2009), 
Drama Education Symposium (Chester 2008),
Language in Action--Vygotsky & Leontevian Legacy Conference (Jyväskylä 2006), 
World Curriculum Conference (Tampere 2006), 

Unfortunately, the credit information is not displayed on tablets or smartphones. Please note that many of the photographs were kindly supplied by Pirita Tolvanen & Kristine Matilainen / Luova Suomi) The photos from the IPA Forum 2014 were taken and kindly supplied by Seppo Samuli (seppo@sepposamuli.com).

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