Most of the work I do is using graphic facilitation in organisations and this work cannot be publicly displayed.
However, I have graphically facilitated/recorded or given participatory workshops at the following open events, conferences and seminars:

CGI HR-Seminar Tampere Talo, Tampere (September 2015)
SIETAR EUROPA Congress, Valencia (May 2015)
REFLEXIVITY: Arts-based methods in organizations (University of Chester, RECAP & Tate Liverpool, March 2015)
Helsingin rehtori- ja johtajapäivät, Helsingin Kaupunki (Porvoo, November 2014)Nordic Business Forum 2014, TEKES (Helsinki, October 2014)
One BSR Seminar (Helsinki, September 2014) 
Baltic Sea Region IPA Forum, (Helsinki, June 2014)
SUKOL talvipäivät/Winter seminar (Kauniainen February 2014)
JOHDE-seminar (Helsinki February 2014))
Creativity World Forum presents Ice Live 2014, Luova Suomi (Tampere January 2014)
Arvokas työelämä-juhlaseminaari/Valuable Work Life seminar (Helsinki October 2013)
Intercultural vs. Multicultural Education (Helsinki August 2013)
PIN-C 2013 - The 3rd Participatory Innovation Conference (Lahti June 2013),
FIS Steps Seminar (Tampere May 2013),
Rekry-Amare International Seminar (Lahti 2012),
International Conference of Applied Theatre (Estonia 2012), 
National Language Centre Days (Tampere, 2011),
Apply Art/ Sovellataidetta (Helsinki 2011), 
Northern Association of Intercultural Communication Conference (Tre 2005)

I have presented my own arts-based research at the following conferences:

European Conference on Educational Research (Helsinki 2010), 
Innovative Methods in Multicultural Education Conference (Estonia 2010), 
International Project Management World Conference (Helsinki 2009), 
Drama Education Symposium (Chester 2008),
Language in Action--Vygotsky & Leontevian Legacy Conference (Jyväskylä 2006), 
World Curriculum Conference (Tampere 2006),