Raquel Benmergui

Raquel Benmergui: Visual Storytelling, Explainer videos, Graphic Facilitation/Recording, Sketchnotes, Arts-based facilitation, Visuaalinen tarinallistaminen, Selitys/Piirros videot, Graafinen fasilitointi, livekuvitus, visuaaliset muistiinpanot, taidelähtöinen fasilitointi

Raquel Benmergui is an art-based facilitator who merges applied drama, graphic facilitation and intercultural communication. Here you will find information about and a portfolio of Raquel Benmergui's graphic recordings. (VISUAL STORYTELLING, ARTS-BASED FACILITATION, GRAPHIC FACILITATION/RECORDING, SKETCHNOTES, TAIDELÄHTÖINEN FASILITOINTI, GRAAFINEN FASILITOINTI, LIVEKUVITUS, VISUAALISET MUISTIINPANOT)

By combining my skills as an applied drama practitioner, a university lecturer, and a kinaesthetic-visual thinker, I provide handmade lo-fi/hi-fi arts-based (graphic) facilitation. 

I am insatiably curious, a great listener, quick on my feet, easy to work with, energetic, and fluent in English and Finnish.

I like to work in real-time and on-site, using markers on large sheets of paper. As an alternative, I can work small-scale, taking visual notes as an event participant on paper or an iPad. I also provide drama-based participatory facilitation.

I often co-operate with select service design, strategic foresight, HR-consultants or other facilitators, offering another dimension to their workshops. Or I can work on my own, facilitating or graphically recording talks, meetings, group sessions or whole events.

My strength is my ability to quickly capture information, see connections, support collaboration and communicate a holistic picture.

Understandably, I am not able to show much of my corporate work, but my portfolio contains some examples of both large-scale and small-scale pieces.

I am a founding member of : Rapid Action Group Ltd (RAG)

I am a founding member of: Cultural Co-op Kiito

Skyswimming with my daughter in our neighbourhood. Spring 2019

Skyswimming with my daughter in our neighbourhood. Spring 2019

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Unfortunately, the credit information is not displayed on tablets or smartphones. Please note that many of the photographs were kindly supplied by Pirita Tolvanen & Kristine Matilainen / Luova Suomi) The photos from the IPA Forum 2014 were taken and kindly supplied by Seppo Samuli (seppo@sepposamuli.com).

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